james rogers edit 13

james rogers, southsea local, 09 edit.

Credit: luke gardner

shortty9493 shortty9493 12/29/2009 8:13 AM

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hey heres an idea ... pedal ya tits off ... go more then 2 foot above the coping .. then throw one of those whips ... that'd be cool

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Easternbmx isn't that a wip you have on you profile pic bellend neway pull your head out your ass and get a life. He is having fun on his bike not sat on vital bitchin..if ur so fuckin good make an edit and we'll c wot that turns out like..get bent and get a job.DICK HEAD

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i think theres 18 tailwhips if i counted correctly(not including footjam whips) in a 3 minute and 16 second video

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