Winter=Snowboarding BMX rider 13

Vince shredding on his snowboard, he's good at bikes, snowboards, skateboards, scooter, anything you put in front of him that includes pogo sticks.

Credit: ME

JSFER2 12/23/2008 6:04 PM

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hugos snowboard is rad haha. and idk why he didn't cath the grooves. the 270s were there i just am absolutely clueless when it comes to snowboarding though haha. Stop complaining about Expensive boards that board was wal-mart quality. Its in northampton.

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hahaha skis who skis thats just dumb haha nice though i never thought of making a rail like that b4 good idea i might just have to do that

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not ganna lie looks kinda fun. but +1000 for a bored and you ride it maby 3 months then the snow is gone. forget that. lol

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Nice, I want snowboard but it costs so much at least 1000 dollars in Iceland, and the snow is gone so I can ride street on my bike and some out door parks :D

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