In my 13 years of riding I have never met so many cool dudes who I consider family . here are a few clips of thousands we have gotten over the years that I feel are the best . I have never taken a class on editing and I used windows movie maker so thats why its sucks . but if you enjoy it I thank you . riders : Taylor Embree , Cory Shipley , Corey Foster , Kyle Ganley , Daniel De La Riva , Kyle Ward , Kasey Kutzkey , Daniel Hinds , Mando Sandoval , Matt Morse , John Lease , Sean Kane ,Nic Hilton Quincy Dean , Seth Ward , Matthias Weldon

Credit: Myself for editing and filming and john kc kyle mando matthias and cory for filming

D@N!3L D3 L@ R!V@ D@N!3L D3 L@ R!V@ 4/30/2014 10:29 PM

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