Connecticut Update 17

Despite the horrible weather lately, there is still a lot of riding going on in CT. Some great stuff from Will Talamelli, Tom Burke, Colton Civitello, Keon Sammy, Fakie Master, and Lil Stevie Churchill.
The instrumental is "One At a Time" by equalibrum, who is also a CT to CA transplant.

Credit: Shane McLellan

ShaneMclellan ShaneMclellan 9/1/2011 9:01 AM

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kinda mad west haven skate park is gone....... fuk hurricane irene... but mad nice edit

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Damn, this came out dope. A lot of these spots were my old regular skate spots back east. There is a typo for my producer name in the description. It's supposed to be "equalibrum" not equilibrium. Common mistake. You can download the beat in the vid free at also more music at Or search the rapper "Intuition" on iTunes & pandora or YouTube. I produced his albums. Thx for using that Shane. Pz

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Where can i get this track by 'Equilibrum', just googled it but cant find it anywhere?

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