The Worlds Longest Toothpick Stall Ever 25

Maybe the "Worlds Longest Toothpick", at 4min. and 25sec.
After about 3.5 min. the palms of my hands started to go numb, where most of my body weight was on the bars, squashing the blood out.

bib668 bib668 12/20/2010 8:34 AM

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yo sick stall man and matt@legacyxs u need to go somewhere cuz not all of us Americans are the same

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I cant believe Americans are moaning about our English you got your language from us! your all just getting pissy because more and more English riders are making it to the front page of vital... get used to it!!!

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I could'nt watch this.It's all turning into a front brake fest again.

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this is pretty gay. I know its hard to balance and shit but this is counter productive for humans in general. I want my 4:34 back, i could have used that time to get laid. (twice)

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@freeagent72, have you ever heard of an accent? and about the stall, at least this guy didnt have his feet off the entire time too, so he like demolished nyquist

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this is the most exciting thing ive ever seen in my life. I want to make a video of the worlds longest double peg stall and just sit there for 3 hours

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