Ryan Nyquist Wins Dew Tour Park 10

Huge congrats to BMX legend Ryan Nyquist on taking the win in park at the Dew Tour in Ocean City, Maryland. All of the riders in finals killed it, but Ryan's high-speed runs that led him all over the course couldn't be topped. Results 1. Ryan Nyquist 2. Drew Bezanson 3. Scotty Cranmer 4. Andy Buckworth 5. Daniel Sandoval 6. Daniel Dhers 7. Harry Main 8. Pat Casey 9. Chad Kerley 10. Kevin Peraza

Credit: Dew Tour

kylecarlson kylecarlson 6/24/2013 12:45 AM

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I have to say that if drew would have finished his second run he would have won .... but that is what a comp is all about. You have to get it done when the time is right. Ryan did do a full pull and it was killer no matter what all the haters say. Lets see someone else do that same run. Same with Scotty ... you need to be smooth to win a big show like this. My hat is off to Ryan and all the boys that made it to the finals.

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As a rider focused on style, Ryan without a doubt has the most unique!
But as for overall performance, drew and scotty have this in the bag.
The top 5 goes in order of style i feel and if you flipped the top 5 around it would go in order of tricks.

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nyguist-wins competiton with totally same tricks since 1990 smile)..okay he can 720 what a huge difference.drew should win he has style tricks and crazy ideas nyguist is just dumbass who can barspin and spins

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Nyquist may be doing 'the same tricks since 1990' but he is the only person doing those tricks and linking them up back to back, hitting the entire course, and being consistant.

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i know but he is doing same tricks everywhere boxjump 720 barspin step up 360 barspin then barspin barspin and 360 barspin ooh i forgot suicide oh my god huge trick....sorry for hating but i find it unfear against other riders like drew or scotty who have huge bag of tricks and crazy lines

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yeah. 720 and backflip double barspin was awesome. but rest of the run was just riding around and throwing 360 barspins / suicide no handers / barspins / suicide no handers / barspins / suicide no handers.
but who cares?! euro contests (jam format) are just better to watch.

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tottaly agree,euro contests all day !..its about big tricks/crazy lines not about who slips a pedal...double flair with sliped foot=same score as nyguist gay barspin where are we?

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