Rest in peace - Andrew Leggett 34

Andrew doing what he loved and did best, will always miss you man. Shred forever.

Credit: Leslie Austin

LAblvd LAblvd 10/31/2010 10:36 PM

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rip bro sucks so much to hear about this im sure i would have seen you riding around sometime by the looks of the spots i wish i met you before all this happened you seem like an amazing guy and i hope your shredding in a better place. rip

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watching this makes me feel so sad i cant imagine what his parents are going through RIP MY FREIND sad.
how did this happen i hate bmx so much sometimes

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take care brother. I hope you are shredding on your bike in heaven. May all of your family and friends heart and souls find peace.

May your paths be lit and your struggles be enlightening

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Thanks everyone for your support and i cant thank vital enough for putting it on the front page its what Andy always wanted.

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