Pretty Good Line 26

180 roll out
360 tire tap
downside whiplash

Credit: self-filmed

HHBMX 7/14/2008 5:48 PM

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actually my post made a lot of sense. this is the internet. so you replying to every person hating on you is a waste of time. because their not going to stop posting shit like that just because you call them a "fucking fagot ass piece of shit". No one thinks your tough and your actually making people think your more of an douche bag. have a nice day

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HHBMX why are you defending yourself. Its the internet, meaning people can say whatever they feel like saying and your not gonna do shit about it. So i can call you a fucking fagot ass poser who cant ride for shit, and you no what your gonna do about it. nothing. because i live in Arizona and you obviously don't. So even if you say that your going to kick my ass or something original like that. We both know you wont. douche

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ive noticed you talk alot of shit about other peoples videos... you have no room to talk. im not saying you suck and your a fag but really... if someone else isnt good, dont tell them they are terrible and stuff, cause you are right in there with them

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