Premium BMX - Chad Kerley CK Frame Promo 6

Part rap video and part signature frame promo. Chad Kerley sings and shreds hard in this edit to promote his new signature CK frame. I don't need to tell you how retarded Chad's riding is because this contains four minutes of technical lines, big gaps, and an ability to perform nose manual/manual combos like no one else has. Check it "The Premium “CK” frame is the long anticipated Chad Kerley signature model. Chad’s street inspired frame features include a double butted top & down tubes with gussets on both, and a heat treated head tube and rear end for max strength. Additional features include a newly designed Premium head tube, and an hourglass bottom bracket shell for daily Derek Dusters. The CK has a 11.5” bb height, 75 degree head angle, an 13.75 chainstay to center. Weighing in at 5 pounds, with removable brake mounts/hardware, the CK is available in matte gold, matte silver, and matte black. Sizes available are 20”, 20.5”, 20.8” and 21” with an MSRP of $369.99us. Rider: Chad Kerley Filmed/Edit: Miles Rogish Graphics/Color Grade Terrell Gordy Music: Cash Out "Cashin Out" Support the Artist:"

Credit: Premium

ChrisWilmshurst ChrisWilmshurst 4/4/2013 6:48 PM

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yup i dont remember if i read it on vital or ride but it was talking about garrettes deadline part and it said he scraped a 720 down a stair set clip cause he didnt like it

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Seriously Unbelievible! I think Kerley has surpassed Reynolds, Not that it matters tho cuz there jus doing what they love and they on point with everything. Can't stop watching Kerleys Nose Manuels!!!

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Just wait till Reynolds deadline part drops you know a video part is nuts when you scarp a 720down a stair set cause you didn't like it

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