Ondra Šléz - Frontflip flair on BMX Masters 2010 12

Credit: TBB Bike

rwg2008 7/18/2010 10:13 PM

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Oh wow, this is the same dude that did this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpFPK4UyAyE Probably one of the best footjam Combos Ive seen to date, this should be front paged as well haha.

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so awesome how its transfered to the other quarter and really smooth. and if this was facebook i would sooooo like mole foot's comment hahaha

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Going to go ahead and say that Craig does his completely different than I did. This one is more like I did it but you couldn't pay me to do it on a mini!


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hahaha molefoot
and agreed with the whole dave mirra thing! hahah that games the bomb. we need a new one to come out though, something like mx vs atv reflex, or skate 2. that kinda style...

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I'm gonnna go ahead and call it a frontflip flair, because Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX was awesome and a flail was a 360 frontflip. haha :D

and farting on a first date, awesome way to describe this trick! hahahahah :D

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Keith McKhilleney [sic] did that on vert in 2006, then Craig Mast has been doing consistently since then, and Kelly Bolton did it fakie to fakie last year. Yet this is still quite rad

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