New bike setup with riding! 13

I won a free frame at the beginning of the year, here's a video showing my newest bike setup. This is at Autumn Ramp Park in Joplin MO, I worked there for 3 yrs and I recently moved to KC so this is probably my last Autumn video...

Credit: Nick Mack

Chuck D Chuck D 8/15/2009 9:18 PM

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thanks dudes!
Joedarr33- nah, im running really old odyssey flatland forks with small offset
manxie- its the older one, this video is actually kinda old too haha
ridebmxnc/roryisgjbmx- there's a few of us out there, ive been running this setup for almost 10 yrs!

fyi- my skateboarder buddy filmed this for me, and could only film during his lunch break, and when he doesn't eat, his hands get all shaky so sorry if you got motion sickness watching this! haha

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