Daniel Dhers and Friends at the Mellowpark

Credit: Mellowpark Berlin

kylecarlson kylecarlson 7/16/2010 11:28 AM

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It was interesting, a different take on things. Most of the views looked to have been taking from the spectator area, which is why you think the filming was shit. It may have been a matter of how close they were allowing filmers? But of course no one thinks of that, all they do is whine and bitch saying it was "shitty". God forbid someone does something different. There is just no pleasing all you little shits out there with an ego the size of that ramp when you are behind your computer.

Same goes with you kids that think the only way to ride is how you do (be it street, park or whatever), or that the only good bike setup is how yours is setup. Pull your heads out of your asses and realize WE ARE ALL RIDING FOR THE SAME REASONS, REGARDLESS OF OUR BACKGROUNDS, SETUPS, OR FAVORITE TERRAIN. IT IS FOR FUN.

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That had to be one of the worst edits I've ever seen. Editing was shit, filming was fucking horrible, and there's way in hell that they should have used that song. This "edit" get's a nice, big FAIL in my book.

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Well you're right Lanky but we all know Big Dan is a heavy hitter and he would ride like it was a contest just for kicks or to put together a good web video for KHE.What really sucks is that whoever put this vid together leaves you wondering what the hell was that logo thing was popping up for every now and again,like he was a spectator at Dew Tour filming 100 feet away from the action to make an ad for a big name like NBC ,for example.It just doesn't send any kind of message to the people watching it (at least in my case.I don't know how the rest of the world sees it,remember everyone has a different point of view about everything)

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what is wrong with you people? there was nothing wrong with it. its not like every time danial rides he's gona be throwing cash rolls... its just a chilled ride. good vibe, very nice ramp, I'd like to have been there!

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Was this an ad?You should had used a different song though,anyone who's been riding for the last 10 years knows that you hear this song and you can't help but think only of the old Roadfools videos,that's a timeless Props song

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