Jay Eggleston 14

Jay Eggleston Edit

Credit: WeAreLevel

ChrisWilmshurst ChrisWilmshurst 12/22/2010 6:38 AM

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weston,..... u dont get out of draper much do u, but i suspect its hard to go far with ur mouth sucking on momies saggy-over abused tities, keep em comin weston, its what expected of u........

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fucking 16 y/o kids dont know shit.....weston your gay......you need to read my forum post called "bmx and the internet" you stupid ungrateful peice of shit........

bmx and the internet

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watching jay ride is pro vert at its most pure form! the best! brings memories of riding true vert at pat d's house,remember jay?ha- troy mcmurray duct taping a pillow to his ass to learn hoffman front flip flyouts!!oh yaaa, long live the LIP LORDS!!!!!!

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Yeah Egg! Awesome varies! There are only a few people that can blast as freakin' high as Jay does. Sounds like some kids on here are getiin' coal for Christmas. Instead of talking trash, do like Jimonbike suggests and put your money where your mouths are. Nice job Jay!

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Jay is what now? 40+? That's awesome to see he's still shredding. And yes... I wanna see your edit also Weston so we can all comment on it.

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