Glenn Salyers In The Kitchen IPhone edit 21

Me riding the Kitchen Bmx/Skate park in South Bend, Indiana. I have been working on this edit for a couple of months now so hope you guys enjoy it. follow me on twitter​#!/​GlennSalyers

Credit: Glenn Salyers

kylecarlson kylecarlson 10/23/2011 12:21 PM

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@ Lanky Nathan your correct, i just prefer to shorten names of tricks as much as i can, im lazy haha!

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@Jason15 - I never said that it wasn't the correct name. It just now has 2 different names. Take decade for instance. You can either call it a 360 opposite downside whip, or a decade. Different names, same trick. No contradictions there mate.

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@Lanky Nathan if your definition is correct then you are contradicting yourself man, you have a video on your profile of someone doing a whip to 'whiplash'

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That banger highly impressed me.

@Jason15 - a whiplash is actually a flatland trick that involves standing on the front pegs, rolling forwards, or backwards, while you kick the tail around, stepping over the tail as it comes around. What Glenn does really is a footjam whip, its just park riders took the name and used it for that. Not that you care but hey, had to set you straight.

@RapandBMX - yes, you really did need to see those '200' versions of a footjam whip/whiplash. How many dudes have you EVER seen do those kind of things without front breaks? None? Something like that.

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@A BMXicle Rider footjam whips? there actually called a whiplash.

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