Cory Greenwood Edit 7

Cory Greenwood riding his local park in New Philly, Ohio and Ohio Dreams.

Credit: Cody Duff, 5 for 1 Productions

C50_hop_whip cody duff 7/28/2010 2:40 AM

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Yes that is the same monitor i will use it in every intro of evry video i make until i get tired of it or think of something better. i got a few ideas for it...

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Ahhhhmazing edit. Don't listen to mikendipshit. Zooming was clean. Butttt, he can flair fakie, now can he flair? :p

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Thanks Daniel glad to get a good comment... I wonder how you would comment it if you wasnt my friend tho. youd probley hate it because i "zoom in" tooo much.

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