Connor Lodes Dec 2011 Premium Park Edit 7

Connor hits his local San Diego parks with Miles Rogoish behind the lens. Premium team mate Chad Kerley gets a couple homie clips. These boys are having fun out there it's good to see.

Music: M83, Midnight City

Credit: Premium

ChrisWilmshurst ChrisWilmshurst 12/19/2011 2:06 PM

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Connor wasn't on Premium when Garrett was on; Garrett was off at the end of 2010 and Connor didn't get on until mid-2011. However, Connor definitely isn't a "replacement." They're both two completely different, completely amazing riders.

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@theboss, Connor isnt a replacement for reynolds.. he was on premium back when reynolds was too. Plus connors way more chill than garrett. nicest dude around. and an amazing edit my man

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