Chad Kerley 41

14yrs old from SD

Credit: Pivitol Productions

tigerkerley 11/8/2008 8:15 AM

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The only person other than a flatlander that I have seen do whiplashes is Morgan Wade, everyone else does footjam whips. You have to be rolling and on the peg for it to be a whiplash.

This vid has made me realize that I really need to sack up! Nice riding, especially for 14.

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That was fukin quality mate .... 1 of the best vids ive seen and brilliant song to go with it ......... nice prodaky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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aye man nice ridinggg im 14 and on my video thats coming out soon has the same song as youLOL but nice riding and i can tailwhip and barspin but you got me on those footjams and whiplashesaye goodjob if it was up to me you won.

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