Brandon Van Dulken Edit 29

riding kelowna, british columbia, canada

Credit: everyone

C50_630176108_1225679805 bvand 5/12/2009 10:42 PM

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Crazy, my old home park, and I could even spy my old house from some of the park shots.

Kid came out of no where to shred. Dialled man.

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wtf is up with tht benleeadrainapoophead? a ace of spades ooo hes fuckin shakin nigga with ure stock bike woooo ure hot shit son

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i never said shit brandon thats not my name on here i was never signed up before thisday u r way better then me and many others if u want ill be at benlee tonight i havent done shit benleeadriangreene is not my name if i find out hue it is ill hurt them real good il be ant benlee tonight well talk then and the pill joke not even funny or needed

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wow your a fahget learn to ride a bike you suck fat dick
learn some new tricks i could out ride you anyday
when i get my bike the ace of spades i will kick your ass at a game of pig u fahget

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