AJ Anaya Video 62

Soooo Good

Losey Losey 5/9/2009 9:05 AM

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I like to watch people ride the bowls in the summer. I remember nick bonner doing some good stuff at the denver park. Lots of good riders. I'm kinda the guy that sits on the side. Still fun. Where is that yard at?

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woah! that is soooooo sick!
i love the 3 into that tiny bowl, i just kept watching it over and over

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Good video! halfway through there are some blue ramps that look like they are from the old hanger skatepark. Does anyone know where those are? I've heard they were getting moved some where in aurora.

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AJ is a class act and one of the hardest working riders I've ever met. Props to him!

John Dale
RedEndo BMX
Curbrider LLC
Tucson, Arizona

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