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We had the opportunity to make a test shoot with Panasonics new AG-AF101 in order to see what this baby can do. We shot on a cold and snowy hamburg day in an old, dark factory with a small crew. We had about six hours of shooting and a hell of a time!
Thanks to the whole crew!! Thanks to the BMX guys: Sas Kaykha, Sören & Nils!!
Studio Hamburg for the support and Panasonic for providing us with this new camera.

Enjoy and please let us know what you think!

Credit: Saubere Filme

rwg2008 rwg2008 12/21/2010 12:08 PM

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im still sticking to my guns here and saying the 5d mkII is better.. almost exact same video quality for half the price. plus you can take 21.1 mega pixel pictures with it.. mkII owns this camera. Oh and btw the sensor in the AG-AF101 is smaller than the 5d mkII which means it's not going to perform as well in low light

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People... don't get Mangler started on audio.. you won't win haha.

This is a much better camera than the 5d and 7d for a lot of reason.
- No Aliasing
- No Skew
- Real Audio Inputs
- A real viewfinder
- 1080/60p (no more having to shoot in 720p for slow mo)
- Full Clean HD out of HDMI (meaning you can record at much higher quallity with a blackmagic box

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@l-town-purple this is a much higher end camera than dslrs. its actually a real video camera. you know, proper viewfinder, proper LCD, headphone jack, real audio inputs, lens controls, etc... and yes, its more than $1000, its $4800.

@clicked times two the 5d? lets see here: 23.98 and 29.97 only, bad cmos jello skew, 1/8" audio input, 12 minute record time, h264 codec... hmdi out, but in recording drops down to SD quality, should i continue? your only defense is "its got a full frame sensor and is half the price". but with half the price you get half the features....

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lmao mad corny. jumps right foot forward but does a left foot forward tailwhip? weird..

awesome quality though which obviously the point. haha

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huh!?!?! how is a front wheel with a freewheel possible!?!?! you sure it isn't the rear cassette spinning at the same time and they just shot the front wheel spinning at the same time to make it look like that!?! cuz if you look i don't see a freewheel or cassette in the front u just hear it.

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