BMX Park in The Olympics: The Interview 4

An in-depth interview with Bart de Jong - the man representing freestyle BMX to the International Olympic Committee. We discuss how BMX got here, what our next moves are, qualifying, coaches, sponsors, criticisms, national federations, and more. The next three years are going to be crazy...

Credit: Vital BMX

kylecarlson kylecarlson 6/17/2017 5:26 AM

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Thanks a lot for the info. "Nations have to go out and hunt points" I want to point that is unfair for some countries.. how can D. Dhers rpresenting venezuela beat the points got buy the dozens of usa riders? Or riders that dont go out? I understand athlets qualify for olympics in regional contests like latin america, south asia, etc but not in a everybody against everybody contest. Last point is... what about those millions of people who cant reach this info because they dont speak english?

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If dhers wins one of those qualification contest the Venezuela will get a rider, so hé will be in there.
Those Rules are just there to prevent a nation like the usa to scoop all 9 spots.
But because the amound of riders from the usa, they will probably be able to send 2 riders. The usa will then hold Trials to choose the 2 riders.
Also, the UCI from the french part of Switzerland is responsible for all this, so the official language is going to be french. I know Bart speaks a Little french, but i doubt Kyle does.
The UCI will make all this info available to all the national cycling Organization in the language they normaly communicate in. But give it a Little time, there happend alot in a very short time, so Let them first work out the details.
Sorry for the spelling, my iPhone doesn't like me typing English.

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I understand there will be some regulations since it's a global venue and whatever, but please just don't 'over-regulate' it, you know? Keep it freestyle, don't turn it into gymnastics or something like that...

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