Zack Kessler and Nick Happel Edit 31

Serious park riding from two up-and-comers out of Las Vegas.

Credit: Ryan Galvan

rwg2008 10/2/2009 11:57 AM

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ya riding style. not tricks they do and im not saying he's better than scotty. . . his riding style is the same u also said i was talking about myself. i clearly wasnt.

what u said was simply off and wrong.

no worries

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"their riding style is identical to me." that's what you said. and i'm not trying to be negative or look stupid, i'm just calling it as i see it. no offense

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miggles. im not talking about myself im talking about nick happel, thats why i said him and called him by name. and i said they have the same attitude in that they both ride really fast and go really high and get gnarly on everything. read things before u comment negatively on them and make yourself look stupid

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and colton, i know you're really talented on a bike, but comparing yourself to scotty scranmer? really? he was doing flip-whips over spines at roots jam in like 2003 at like 15 years old...

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NICK HAPPEL IS A FUCKNG BOSS!!! . him and scotty cranmer are one in the same in their overall attitude and riding style. haul ass and get gnarly on everything. their riding style is identical to me.

happel will be a big ass name soon.
the other kid was really really good too! however with the vast style difference i think they both deserved their own parts.

happel kills it!

and 99 percent of that was first and only time done over all of the things he did it on. the skatecity box is tinyyy wtf!

best edit vital has ever done

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