Simple Session Wrap-Up, Total BMX Team Changes, Dhers Talks UCI, Must-See Videos, & More - Vital BMX Weekly Update 4

Discussion of everything going on at Vital BMX and in the BMX world.

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Simple Session 2017 Highlights

Total BMX Team Changes

Kink's Rust Belt Tour Video

Travis Hughes Video

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kylecarlson 2/15/2017 10:57 AM

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You can't have been at the same contest as I was. Even though they said that of course street riders can venture out to the park obstacles and the other way around there was almost no people doing it. Personally I do not like the split because I like to see allround riding but to say a park rider could have won street and the other way around doesn't seem correct to me based on being there and seeing the comp and also personally talking to some of the judges.

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I don't think you understood my point. I didn't say that riders were doing it. Personally, I feel like if the events are separate, the option shouldn't be there. The option WAS there. I view it the same way as if a rider rode flatland in front of the box jump. Yeah, it may be cool, but it's not a flatland contest and shouldn't be judged as such. Once again, my opinion. I say separate them fully or don't separate them at all.

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