Vital BMX Game of Bike - Mike Spinner 15

Mike Spinner talks about the Vital BMX Game of Bike and's involvement.

Credit: Vital BMX

kylecarlson kylecarlson 10/5/2010 3:53 PM

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I love spinner haterz you douches hate on him for not riding for a bmx company, but every time I see this guy riding he looks like he is having more fun than anyone. Isn't that what bmx is all about? seriously give it a break and dont take bmx so seriously have some fun!

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youre a faggot
mike spinner is the douchebag of bmx
hes a sell out bitch, he isnt even sponsored by one bmx company.

not a single real bmx company would touch that mother fucker with a 10ft pole

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ok guys....give me a "S"
give me a "P"
give me an "I"
give me a "N"
give me a "N"
give me an "E"
give me a "R"

What Does It Say?,,,SPINNER, SPINNER, SPINNER, SPINNER, ...... smile yeah!!!! kill that thing Mike!!!

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sounds sick! ill deffinetly be watching the webcast! good luck mike! and whoever those faggs are (grind and sam6415) when you guys make a name for yourselves like spinner, then youll be able to talk. But thats most likely not going to happen so just shut the fuck up

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I didn't watch it, I came in to post and vote zero stars. And Rolopro, I'd love to hear what you've gleaned about my life from reading 2 sentences on a message board. I'm sure to be amazed.

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hey GRIND, why don't you get a life?, then maybe you can bring something interesting to this site.......or maybe to this WORLD!!!!

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Spinner good luck bro.
I wish i could be there, maybe next year lol.. I will watch the live web-cast Saturday Oct 8 th.
Qualifiers (at 1;00 pm) California time. Game of Bike 1 yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!

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Bah, this guy is bringing nothing to this site, you couldn't pay me to watch him. Everything he says has been said way too much.

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