Vans Video 47

Alistair Whitton, Gary Young, Josh Harrington, and Chase Hawk put some creativity together in this cool video.

Credit: Vans

Losey Losey 2/3/2009 1:54 PM

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over rated springs to mind. Not really a great video but once again because its labelled with vans and has over rated big name riders in it everyone just accepts thats its amazing when it really isn't. THere is too much of this crap in bmx and too much of it in the world to be fair.

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That did NOT blow my mind at all!!
How can any1 say Sick vid??? ( arse licking? )
It annoyed a little bit... camera work was shite...
and I think these really are Amazing riders... wheres the amazing riding??
That could have been shit loads better... and you all know it!!

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I hate to talk down but man someone get the camera guy a focus puller, grip and a script stat!! This made no sense to me, it was underexposed, out of focus and simply a montage of weird clips that had no rhyme or reason at all. I like vans and i'm sure the creative guy behind this is just that but man give me HD and a good layout for a web vid any day haha.

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I have no Idea what any of those air tricks were because the background and the rider didn't contrast at all. I hope for Art's sake that this was at least filmed with real film and not digital.

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I didn't like the video, It seemed like they were trying to hype up the video with the begining nothingness and then just more nothingness with guys standing around, clips of riding, guys tying theres shoe laces. We dont want to see that shit we want to see hardcore riding, and good quality video riding. I expected more from vans they let me down.

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i thought Taj used this idea, in his video part for ETNIES, which also happens to be a shoe company!!?never liked vans but this is lame...kick ass team though, i love gary young and josh harrington, plus chase obviously shreds

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The whole thought of riding that school is pretty rad. But there really is not a whole lot there to ride. They have to build almost everything. You could make anyplace cool if you took ramps there.

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