Triple-Tailwhip-Flip 60

Anthony Napolitan gets an insane trick done on Woodward's resi. A cell phone camera got the job done this time around.

Losey Losey 8/17/2008 6:40 PM

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he should be able to do robot tricks he lives at woodward try learnin everything the hard way no fuckin foam pit thats pussy shit run into a tree tryin the hard tricks

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he is a pussy i agree with taylor he will never be a legend he is a robot and does robot tricks

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i notice how me and my friend are the only ones to really talk shit on this.. its funny. for some reason i dont think this trick is cool.. SPINN TO WINN SONS!!

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wtf it was sick was crazy was so hard but ...

i think that is losing style is just for see who can do a hardest trick not creativity in that...

but anyway napolitan...congratulations you are so crazy haha

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That Taylor kid is just upset cause his parents stuck him with a girls name and he is probably on his/her rags as we very speak. hahahaha Stop with the shit talkin its gettin old, anyone that talks trash on another rider for pushin the sport should fuck off imediatly. it's like wat ya parents have told you "if you haven't got anythin nice to say, don't say anythin at all" So Children Please calm the fuck down and Stop Shit Talkin for no Reason K

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Mad props to Napolitan for landing this, but these type of tricks are getting old quick. It's all about riding street and being creative as possible. There really is no creativity with this. You jump a ramp, flip and whip your bike around. Sure it's hard but where is the style?

Circus tricks.

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