Tech Tips: Lighten Your BMX Bike 26

Who doesn't want some easy ways to get a lighter bike? Let Brian give you some quick tips to shave some weight from your ride.

Credit: Vital BMX

GlennPPMilligan GlennPPMilligan 5/6/2009 1:21 PM

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getting new tires saves the most weight $ for $. investing 65$ in 2 new tires can save u 8-10oz a tire ( depending on what you had before) so a bike with non folding tires weighing 26lb can but cut down to about 24- 25 pounds. big difference if ur trying to save weight

Ps im not a weight weenie

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that was a joke by the way, I don't want any weight weenies getting pissed, just some people take it to the extreme so i thought I'd let my asshole flag fly for a minute.

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you could always take it to the extreme and just go brakeless take off your chain and sprocket run a single wall front wheel on the rear and take your grips off or ride all race parts. but that's only if you're serious about being a lightweight badass.

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just because he has a lightened bike doesnt make him a hippocrit. Hes a pro he knows what he likes and did you ever think he might have had those parts on for the video? all possible. stop worrying about brian and follow Dave Lawrences advice

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