Tech Tips: Fixing Flat Tires 11

Everybody hates a flat! Brian makes it seem a little easier to get your BMX bike pumped up and running again.

Credit: VitalBMX

GlennPPMilligan GlennPPMilligan 5/5/2009 2:38 AM

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no sand paper creates the smoother surface but you have to go over it a couple times the metal one doe the same thing just in a different fashion.

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I'm right. The scourer is to rough the tube up, and u should always leave the glue till it barely sticks to ur finger when u touch it, so its almost dry.

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also i was told that the longer you let the glue sit, the better

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lololololooolooooooolololololololollooloollol u took a knife out sorry i thought that was humorous

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i thought the sand paper was to create a rough surface for the glue to stick to as opposed to a smooth surface....Thats why some kits give u a metal scourer

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