Tech Tips: BMX Safety Gear 17

Safety gear will keep you riding BMX longer, so don't skip it. Brian Kachinsky and Gary Young break down what you should be wearing for your next session.

Credit: Vital BMX

GlennPPMilligan 5/5/2009 7:34 PM

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The one day I decided to warm up and not wear knee pads was the day I couldn't return an x-up flying out on a 6 foot box jump. Busted my meniscus and had to go through an arthroscopy to clean up the dead tissue, just when I thought I was done, they found out my ACL was torn dead and had to cut it off, I will be going through ACL reconstruction in a month or so. If I had only worn knee pads to keep my knee from bending over sideways...

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all i wear a helmet at parks. then i hate everything else. the only reason why i wear one at parks is cause i got a concusion with one one.

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helmets have saved my life more than once. Mine's stayin' on! And no homo, but Gary Young looks good with long hair.

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never felt right w/ a helmet.. it feels like im preparing for something really bad to happen...but i guess its kinda doing part of its job... preparing for the worst, its a buzz killer for me. pads on the other hand, ill wear if i know ill be at the park most the time, and gloves are yes, just preference... i wear them sometimes, but when it gets hot and my hands start to get sweaty, the gloves go on

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