Tech Tips: BMX Headset Installation and Maintenance 19

Headsets can be confusing. You won't be confused after BK runs you through this Tech Tip.

Credit: Vital BMX

GlennPPMilligan 5/5/2009 4:51 PM

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Somebody pls help me. I did everything you did my fork is Severed Alliance Fork and it has integrated bearing race and im using Colony cane creek headset my frame is WTP reason and when i assemble everything its still shaking. Somebody pls help me

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tighten the compression bolt 1st put your front wheel against a wall or a curb level your stem up with your front tyre and tighten the stem bolt evenly on both bolts then your good to go \m/

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where can i get a compression bolt at? i looked on danscomp and i didnt see any. it doesnt really say what headsets come with. if you dont have a compression bolt then how do you tighten your forks/ headset. like a lot of headsets dont come with all the parts.

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what if you dont have bolts on the back of your stem, i just have a compression bolt

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This is how you can tell if it is tight enough.
After you put everything together. Put you bike back on the ground. Turn your bars at 90 degres, left or right. Pull back on your bike, and if you feel a woble in it. Then its too loose!
After you have tighten eveything down, pick up your bike and spin the bars. It should go around more then 2.5-3times. If it goes around more, then its to loose. If it goes around less, then its too tight!

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brad 93 if you tighten the compression bolt enough to where your headset doesnt woble at all then tighten the side bolts all the way and then tighten the top bolt as hard as you can itll run mint

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he didn't say how tight to make the compression bolt. Should it be cranked down, or just enough so that the forks don't move?

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