Tech Tips: BMX Gyros 13

Having troubles dialing your gyro in? Let Brian give you some tips on keeping your gyro running smooth.

Credit: Vital BMX

GlennPPMilligan GlennPPMilligan 5/5/2009 1:31 AM

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tighten the springs up:
1: hot the little spanner bit with something and then twist it the opposite way with an allen key
2: its quite easy I'm sure u will be able to fix this

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my gyro tab doesnt go on straight. any ideas on how to fix this its a snafu gyro, on a superstar light my fire frame. i have tryed to tension it but not working. message me if yo can help smile

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OldSchoolJay, if you keep the tension in your cables right like he said, that won't happen when the gyro is sitting on the tabs. if you're pulling your lever and it pulls at all before moving the detangler, then adjust your top barrel adjusters because your cables ends are probably far enough below the detangler that you can see it. having it on the tabs works perfectly fine if you actually know how to set it up.

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funy thing about this video is that the last time it was posted, people comented that he was doing it why has it been posted again? giving the wrong info to people so they end up with shitty gyro's

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iv found that haveing your gyro resting slightly above the bottom tabs all so that the dual bottom cables work the best and are the easiest to set up and adjust and triflow will help them pull really smoothly

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your right channelbmx , dont have your gyro sitting on the tabs , you need to adjust the top cables so it is just off the lower gyro tabs , other wise you will probs pull your lever and it will move a bit or even a lot before even pulling the gyro up , thus having a very bad brake set up ... I think they should redo this vid and show you all how to set a gyro up properly and show you how you do take out flop...

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