Rampworx Skatepark Video 49

Zack Williams, Lewis Knowles, and a bunch of the other locals rip at Rampworx in England.

Credit: Kyle Carlson

kylecarlson kylecarlson 2/3/2009 5:25 AM

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holy shit it looks like a video game it even has random ass people like santa cluase in it like from the old tony hawk games

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Nice Vid. As for all the hate going on on Vital.... I'm american, I lived in England for 3 years and had a great time and made some great friends (that were british). Breakfast tea is awesome when you wake up feeling like shit. But all in all, America and England are so very alike that it's uncanny. So fellow Americans shut your mouth unless you've been to England and then you can pass your judgement. Brits, same for you. Both places kick ass. Some good riding in both, and some great riders have "spawned" from both as well.

Take Care, Ride Hard.

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yeah i'v never drunk tea in my life
i wish americans would stop critisising us cus we are half the weight of ur average toddler lol

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Get In!! My local park! In the best city in the world! Its ace when the class riders are in. I could watch them for hours!

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Yeeaahhh.... Lovin that!! Great Vid!!
The Rampworx locals are Amazin!!!
Wasn't long enough tho... I need More!! : )

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that was some dirty spins and the turn down 360 in the begining was clean as hell.

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i love tea, haha,
i love this vid aswell, 7 turndown woop! best trick going
and america is sick! ha, i love it there, its way better than the uk anyway,
exept the uk's indoor parks tongue

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