ROOTS with Mike Dominguez 48

Brad McDonald Interviews BMX legend Mike Dominguez.

Credit: Glenn PP Miiligan

GlennPPMilligan 4/3/2009 6:33 AM

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I've watched the vids of Mike for a while now, and I still can't get my head around how good he was. He was one of the guys I looked up to in the magazines as I grew up riding in the '80's, but the footage of some of his contest runs is on another level that I just didn't realise he was capable of. He truly was the best there was. I can't think of many riders, if any, then or now, that could match that riding on those ramps. Good job somebody thought to film it...

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wow i love the fact that he said to much partying & drinking is a bad thing. i takes a real man to say that he really is great person and a bmx god. you go mike i am glad i got to see you ride back in the day, I wish you the best

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Wow first time Ive seen this interview, I remember watching him ride at 12 he's the real deal!!!!!

very cool Gota love him!

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Incredible natural's a shame he was totally done with riding by the time he was in his early 20's.

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