Quist Quest Fest Trailer 17

Premiering 12/31/10!

Credit: Vital BMX

kylecarlson 12/29/2010 2:12 AM

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I think a better name for this thing would be "The-Nyquist-Trick-Quest" Because those sounds mix better. Seriously, who thought "quest fest" was the best option?

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It would have been fun to have big daddy announce this and talk his funny crap while Mr. Ryan Nyquist shows everyone how to get it done? Im excited to see what he tries and lands.

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i know the calling out of the tricks is over , but id like to see him doing a doublebar-spin without catching the bars just let them spin through and catch them after 2 spins... no bar catch bar !!! but the hook is his seat must be down so that he cant pinch it

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