Power Hour: Ryan Guettler 38

Ryan Guettler riding one of the most difficult backyards in BMX for one hour.

Credit: Terrell Gordy

terrellgordy terrellgordy 7/31/2009 8:20 PM

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ur rich!!!!! bloody hell a giant sakte park WITH STOP SIGNS a BMX with red rims and red stunts pegs and a bloody well nice car. and a cool house lol.

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he says it because mark webb always does heaps of tech shit like that and it goes for like 20 seconds each time he does it and it gets real boring

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he probs ses mark webb cause in marks bangers and mash vid he dose some crazy shit on the copine like ryn dose just before he ses his name

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IS SO GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ALWAY SUPPORT Ryan Guettler !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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guettler KILLS it!!.. i love his ramps... each rider who does this should pick theyre own special spot/place to session for an hour thatd be sweet.

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