Mike Ishizuka Video 26

Rad cement parks and great style. Watch this.

Credit: Kyle Carlson

Losey Losey 7/19/2007 11:40 AM

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wow! a vital bmx vid with absolutly no tailwhips!!!!!! hahah love it!!!! you kill it mike... saw you at woodward week 8 you looked so damn familliar... i guess this is where i saw you ... you shred!

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hey i will admit the kid kills it riding bikes but if you know what the T hand is then you would agree so you guys fuck off

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i saw this kid ride in vegas and he is ridiculous....even more so than in this vid.....oh yeah....fuck you bmx_street2006 you fuckin suck!!!

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So refreshing

this kid should start a new trend: Take your brakes off and ride with a certain amount of speed, and go over coping on every air.

Really really nice

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