Mexico Street X Games 48

Leigh Ramsdell put this rad video together from practice at this street contest. Lots of street moves and ramp stuff this time around.

Credit: Leigh Ramsdell

Losey 10/1/2008 10:47 AM

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WOW... gr8 vid... anyone know name of the song??
and who is that guy on 2:22... i am not really into BMX so

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thats not street
its the same than park, everybody does tricks over jumpboxes
diffrence: they do it off an uprail

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TheAzMyster the ramps are most of the ones used in the last x games and some are different like the little volcano thing

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garret is sick at barspins, I love seing dialed tricks. Van's whip off the rail was insanely huge like that superman-whip on that tiny quarter. Awesome vid Leigh

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