Meet Jack Dumper - A One-Armed BMX Rider 14

A little over two years ago, Vital BMX filmer Chris Wilmshurst introduced the world to an incredibly inspirational rider named Jack Dumper. Jack, then 17-years-old, was born with one arm. Jack’s positive demeanor and tenacity to progress on his bike are absolutely mind-blowing. Throw it back and give this another watch. It’s worth it. - Kyle Carlson / 2017

17-year-old Jack Dumper was born with one arm, but doesn’t let that stop him from killing it on his bike. Watch, learn about him, and get inspired.

Credit: Chris Wilmshurst

ChrisWilmshurst 5/25/2015 9:56 AM

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Completely blown away. Not just good riding, but his style is admirable. Watched this a few times now and can't wait to show my family.

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man this guy is soo inspirational! its like we all have lame excuses for not doing things and here is this dude making the best of his circumstances and shredding soo hard! Sweet video Dudes! keep em coming!

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