Mark Webb Video Q&A 17

You had questions and Mark Webb has the answers. Check them out right here along with some new footage from The Ghetto Shed.

Credit: Chris Wilmshurst

ChrisWilmshurst 4/2/2011 12:16 PM

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That was one of the best Q&A vids I've seen in a long time, definitely having fun and not at other peoples' expense. His positive energy is rad. Also it's crazy how much of a difference music makes in watching him ride, I've never been more psyched on this guy.

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hahahahahhahahahah that was me who did a ffotjam behind mark and he told me hed wreck my face

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I dont think he's a dick at all. He says things kidding around. And the only time he sounded like a dick, he was responding to the kids who were attacking him through questions.

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probly one of the best, nicest,funniest riders in all of bmx! gotta love this dude! and hes short like me!!!! lol

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