King of the Animal House Finals 47

In 2009, BMX icon Dave Mirra gathered the troops at his personal skatepark in Greenville, North Carolina for one hell of a contest. All sorts of amazing riding went down and Dennis Enarson ended up leaving with a brand new car. This incredible event was one of many great things Dave gave to the BMX world. MIRRA FOREVER! - Kyle Carlson / 2016

Dennis Enarson was crowned King of the Animal House and this is what he had to go through to win the title. Enjoy some serious shredding from Ryan Nyquist, Craig Mast, Mark Webb, Harry Main, Jeremiah Smith, and a bunch of other heavy hitters!

Credit: Terrell Gordy and Mike McQueen

terrellgordy terrellgordy 12/13/2009 11:26 PM

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Nyquist "blows chunks"? I did not just read that.

WOW dude, get a fucking clue! Until I see you doing tricks like Nyquist I don't want to hear about how he isn't burly.

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