Kent Pearson Video 46

Tech moves on ramps and street. A fun watch and a good motivator for all you BMX dads out there.

Credit: Ryan Davis

Losey Losey 11/13/2008 9:37 AM

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my dad is cam white he would school this guy . but whatever thats the way to keep it old school LOL

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Yeah Kent you go boy! BMX dads kick ass and since I'm a dad too then I kick ass also (well at least my bike does because it's pink like a real macho should be).Sit and wait,in 5 years my daughter's gonna wreck shop on her bike.It's funny how shit talkers run it.Some have expensive bikes that they throw away when they blow up a inner tube so daddy buys them a new,lighter one and tite pants to look like a Sean Burns wannabe (no offense to Sean,he kills shit) and consider themselves "hardcore bmxers" until they crash and get hurt.Then they forget they ever rode a bike.Take my advice haters:give your bikes to someone who will really put it to good use and do fruitbooting or get a razor scooter.Or better yet,join the Army so you all learn how to be men (♫Be all you'll never be♫) the hard way.Front Brake Revolution all the way,yeah

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How can you say you dont like it? Because its not the same shit everyone else is doing? You shit talkers probably havent been riding long enough to appreciate genuine bmx. This guy is doing his own thing and making it look freakin cool. And props man, that banger was ridiculous!

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