Introducing Josh Crosswell 15

Josh is 16-years-old, from Southsea, England, and is legitimately the first person I've ever seen do an OPPOSITE TRIPLE BARSPIN. Watch the video...

Credit: Chris Wilmshurst

ChrisWilmshurst ChrisWilmshurst 9/6/2012 12:33 PM

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Anyone who has ever ridden that Deep Keyhole bowl at Southsea would know that a triple bar in there is the stuff men are made of. Respect, great edit, cool kid having fun. BMX

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I'm pretty sure that's his regular barspin in that clip, later in the vid he does a triple bar throwing with his left over a box. Either way, it's impressive stuff!!

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@jham such a good edit, you don't know what your talking about like to see you send stuff like triple oppo bars, quad bars and triple whips, great edit josh!

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