Jamie Bestwick at Woodward Camp 6

Around four years ago, we met up with Jamie Bestwick at Woodward East to film this piece. We all know Jamie is the best vert rider of all time, but he rode everything for this one. From creative technical lip tricks to should buzzing 360 inverts, Jamie can do it all. It's probably about time we get round two brewing... - Kyle Carlson / 2018

It's common knowledge that Jamie Bestwick is the best vert rider in the world, but don't overlook the fact that he can ride everything. Watch as he completely destroys Woodward Camp by throwing down all sorts of insane tricks and combos...

Credit: Vital BMX

kylecarlson 4/11/2014 7:04 PM

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Yo Jamie! Ive got a trick for you to try, its a alley oop air tail whip to look back. I think you have it.
Really want to see it done, you got it!! Nice Vid too.

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Killer edits from Darden, Nyquist and Bestwick! I wonder who could be next, keep it up

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