Gatorade & Nigel Sylvester All Day Sessions: Bay Area 13

Gatorade rider Nigel Sylvester goes all day in Bay Area, California. Watch as Nigel bombs hills, hits up spots with Vital BMX contest winner Felipe Gonzalez, and cruises the city with a local crew.

Credit: Gatorade

kylecarlson kylecarlson 8/15/2011 12:32 AM

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Dude this whole contest was about giving some local riders a chance to ride with a pro it wasnt about making some sick ass edit or doing contest runs so dont go running your mouth when you obviously didnt understand what it was about

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Dude Jamie mackdiddie I checked out your profile, sick videos, and pictures I was suppressed to see that you have already taken your training wheels off, we are all very proud of you. By the way what are you asking your parents for for your 6th birthday party you dip shit! This was a good movie.

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Jamie-Mackiddie i think this edit is original ...rideing bmx isnt all about the flairs and tripple whips its about RIDING YOUR FUCKING BIKE...jamie mcDIDDY is a fagot because he can or cant do tricks but cant BOMB A HILL and have fun ....stupid shit like this just pisses me off..... NIGEL DO YOU McSHITTY SAME FOR YOU

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you see that dude in the backround of the biker mob? he was doing Russian manuals, lol i wanna bike with thoes guys

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