Diogo Santos: The Rebirth

City changes. Sponsor changes. Bike changes. Diogo's riding never slowed down, but his mission recently found new life and a new direction. Now residing in Barcelona, watch Diogo take a completely original approach at the BMX mecca.


After spending last year in Montpellier, France, you recently made the move to Barcelona, Spain. What’s it like now residing in one of the best BMX cities in the world?

It's a blast. I mean, I’ve never been in a place that made me feel so amazed by buildings. I guess “concrete jungle” describes this city in a good way. This city is full of so many shapes that seem to be inspired by natural creations, like hills and mountains for example. The architecture here - and art in general - is really being explored and developed.

I know you recently parted ways with Federal and Dub on good terms. What’s next for you?

I don’t know. I’ve never felt so motivated to ride before. I feel like I can express myself on the bicycle and say my message, if that makes sense. I’ve been drawing a lot and I’m gonna work with a clothing brand called Spacebananas. I’m really happy to be able to contribute my ideas to clothing designs.

What’s up with those short pegs?

Well, riding with pegs has become over-explored nowadays. I think we lost the sense of grinding - especially with plastics. Coming to Barcelona made me realize that because it’s easy to ride with so many people at the same time. I don’t know - I feel like I want to make grinding challenging again, but still have the opportunity to do other tricks like double tire slides down steep banks without having my pegs in the way. I love the fact that it sounds metal.

What’s your favorite clip in this video?

The double peg to rail ride to nosebonk 360. It was pretty unstable timing during that trick. The light was always changing because of the clouds and it was raining a bit. Fernando was keeping motivated because I crashed a couple of times. I managed to avoid a big puddle, which was right next to the square rail. In the end, it worked out perfectly with golden hour light and felt very synchronized.

Anything you’d like to add?

Thanks to Merritt and Vans for keeping me rolling, Fernando for making this video, and Vital BMX for the feature.

For more from Diogo, follow him on Instagram.

All photos by Ruben Langa.

Credit: Fernando Gomarín Olaiz

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