Dennis Enarson - Down the Street

Dennis Enarson teamed up with Doeby Huynh to bring you his latest video packed full of the incredible riding we've all came to love. Although the riding isn't simple, the route they took with the project was. They set out to ride spots without any form of transportation other than their bikes. Watch the video and then read an interview below with the filmer/creator - Doeby Huynh - to gain some insight on how this all came together -

How did the concept of this video come about?

I remember that we were at the local skatepark and Dennis approached me with the idea of making a video with the thought of only pedaling to spots from his house. I was instantly down. I thought it would be cool to show kids that if you don’t have access to a car or the best camera gear, you can easily just work with what you have and make the best of it.

There are a lot of really good spots in this. Were all of them really down the street or did you guys have to pedal a long distance to get to some?

Well if you ask Dennis, it's down the street. While I’m struggling to keep up, he’s just coasting casually. Haha. I mean yeah, there’s a good amount of stuff that’s literally down the street and a few things we had to really pedal to. Just pedaling around and goofing off the whole time was a ton of fun. So, I never even really thought about the distance too much.

Were any spots discovered that you had no idea previously existed?

Hmm, there might have been a few. It was more like passing by and rediscovering spots that you’ve forgotten about.

How long did this project take to film?

It took a while. We kept it real chill because we wanted the video to be stress free and come out naturally. We met up whenever we both were free. Dennis is a busy dude, while I'm out here pretending to be. Haha.

What’s the complete list of gear you used to complete this video?

The bunnyhop 270 bar into the glass structure was one of the clips that stood out to me because of both the spot and the trick. It looked like it was in a heavy traffic area as well. Did you guys run into any difficulties getting that done?

Being in a high traffic area kind of helped actually because so much was going on, it was easy to not cause too much attention. We had no plan to ever go to that spot. I took Dennis to it and was joking about riding on it. The next thing you know, he’s climbing up there and jumping down it to see how sturdy the glass was. It was one of the scariest things to film. My heart was racing because right before he did it he said, “If the glass breaks, run”.

Favorite thing about filming with Dennis Enarson?

Nothing! Nah, Dennis is a good dude. He’s one of my favorite people to work with because he has the most positive attitude and is constantly cracking jokes. I can’t remember going out and not laughing constantly.

Are you happy with the final product and how it turned out?

As a filmer, you're never fully satisfied I suppose. Making this video is up there with some of the most fun times I’ve ever had filming. Everything just happened naturally and I had no stress throughout the project. At the end of the day, I’m really stoked on it and I couldn’t be more happy with the finished piece.

Is there anything you would change if you had the choice to go back?

The only things I would have done differently was bring my hamster and more snacks. I’m constantly hungry.

Can we expect anymore “Down the Street” videos from you featuring other riders?

Probably not…maybe another video with a different concept. You can definitely expect more videos from me, though. I’ve been working on a new Ceek Life piece with Chad Kerley and a VX Dan’s Comp video with Broc Raiford.

Anything you would like to say to wrap this up with?

I’d like to thank Vital BMX and East County BMX for the non-stop support these past few years. A shout out to Dennis and the homies that came along for all the good times. Thanks to Joey Cobbs for not knowing what a book looks like. Haha. Lastly, thanks to anyone who watches my videos and supports me in anyway.

I’d also like to tell all the lil’ homies out there that may be lacking in resources, to just work with what you have. You don't need the best to make the best.

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Credit: Doeby Huynh

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