Dan's Comp Pro Team: Terry Adams 40

Terry takes his amazing flatland skills to the streets. Even if you're not into flatland, you need to watch this video.

Credit: Brock Gomez

brock_gomez 5/11/2010 11:07 PM

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I don't ride flat but he gets my respect,a lot of it.Andrew Farris took flatland to the streets and quickly faded away,quitted,bye bye bike.I sure hope TA doesn't go the same path.The next thing from Terry,hitchhiker up a vert ramp to hitchhiker flair(???)

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man i wish flatlanders would do more of this!!! they bring a whole new world of tech tricks and origionality to street and park (when they actually ride them). I really REALLY hope to see more of these kinda videos!!

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Haha wheelchair hop up a curb?! Hitchhiker drop off a ledge?!! Those are both insanely hard for me to do on flatland, Terry is amazing!

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WTF, Thats quite possibly the sickest thing i've ever seen! Mad props to terry for mashing the flatland sene with the street sene!

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So sick. More people should get into flatland, it helps on all levels of freestyle. Refreshing not seeing a hang 5, nose wheelie, and 85 thousand combos of feebles, smiths, barspins, manuals, and 180s.

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