Daniel Dhers at Woodward West / on Specialized 19

Arguably the best park rider in the world discusses his new bike sponsor and throws down some ridiculous riding at Woodward West. There are so many insane 360 variations in here...

Credit: Ryan Galvan

rwg2008 rwg2008 6/1/2012 10:43 PM

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Ich mag daniel dhers schon lange und seit einiger zeit ist er auch einer meiner lieblingsfahrer.
Er hat einen guten style und macht tricks die andere nicht machen.

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Well from what ive seen an this applys to riders ive meet across the country not all riders follow contests... what im getting at is go flip threw a dig, rid, or bmx plus and other thn contest coverage u rarely see him.....plus i have not seen many new web edits or shit from him, now tht hes picking up new sponsers im hopping to see him in more adds and video parts

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That's because he only rides park, never releases vids, and just rides at contests all the time. Read contest results or go to a big contest if you wanna see Dhers.

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