DK = No More Bikes in Wal-Mart 6

Effective immediately, DK will no longer be shipping complete bikes to Wal-Mart stores. Here's the official word on this and their current focus from The Beard.

Credit: Vital BMX

kylecarlson 2/27/2015 2:30 PM

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Well, Walmart isn't my favorite place either but I have to admit we purchased one of the lower end DK Fury Jr's from Walmart (online) in 2013 for my son. At the time we didn't know how "into" BMX he may be so we didn't want to invest too much. Great bike for the price and I'm super happy it was available when I needed it. It turns out that he really does like BMX which has led me to get back into this after a 20 year break.

That cheap DK bike purchase has led me into the purchase of several bikes for myself and the family including an SE Big Ripper (Wife's neighborhood cruiser), SE OM Flyer (My neighborhood cruiser), DK Pro Elite XXL, and a Felt Sector Expert for the boy. His younger sister is now riding the Walmart DK happily. I'm also strongly considering a new park bike because we've started to to go up to Ray's MTB and I'm imagining that I'll be buying some nice bikes for the family for years to come.

So, what has the Walmart DK bike done for DK and quality bike manufacturers, local shop and online shops specializing in quality bikes? IMHO and through my experience, quite a bit. Although I definitely understand a company like DK who produces quality bikes wanting to distance themselves from Walmart or other big box stores I'm not convinced that their presence was actually hurting anything other than some peoples pride who didn't see what the entry level bikes put out in front of the masses may inspire.

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gotta agree with you. My current bike which is basically full custom at this point is still the same dk cleveland frame i bought and it has not broken on me yet. and when it does i will be getting the team frame v3 or v4(if my frame lasts that long lol) I know dk mostly went into wal mart's to save themselves, during the dark years, but also took a page from mongoose, and used the time to spread the gospel of BMX at an affordable price. But, I am glad to see their going to be leaving department stores, not just walmart but target and other stores as well. they designed a huge line for them outside of their current line which took away from their aftermarket stuff (which is why we haven't seen some new stuff from them in forever) I'm super excited to see what's coming out from them in the summer.

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so glad their leaving walmart, glad their'll rebuild their name back to what it was, kinda bummed i wont get to build their bikes on the daily anymore, but hey, bigger and better things, grats to dk welcome back home.

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