Kink Wright Tire

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Not as good as expectation

The Good:

They are very grippy on park and generally on the streets

The Bad:

Very low profile, no grip on dirt, at all. Thin sidewalls, destroyed in less than a month grinding metal and concrete (days on the street in reality).

Overall Review:

Is a good tire if you're not actually grinding, at all, or riding dirt ramps

can't really complain

The Good:

low price, fairly light but not to thin, medium stiff sidewalls, roll very good and are really grippy. i'd recomend riding them at around 60-70 psi

The Bad:

when you like to ride lower airpressure theese tires have a bit too much kolling resistance. they still feel quite good but get way too slugish. absolutelly no grip on dirt. as soon as it is a bit dusty you pretty much powerslide everything.

Overall Review:

overall a good tire even tho i'd like a little more agressive thread pattern.

this is pretty much the lovechild of the faf-k 2.25 and the odyssey hawks.

not my favourite tire but you can't really go wrong wit these things.

not as good as Lyra

The Good:

nice and wide tire

The Bad:

thin sidewals

Overall Review:

after 4 months grinding (not concrete walls) sidewals are destroyed, i think a need change back tire in 2 months or less

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Product Kink Wright Tire
Riding Type Freestyle
Bead Wire
Thread Count
Maximum Tire Pressure 65PSI
Wheel Size 20"
Suggested Tire Pressure (Optional)
Colors Black, White Walls
Weight 1 lb 4.6 oz (584 g)
Price N/A
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